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Tradition Night

At Camp Tioga we are family. Our summer is spent enjoying activities, but it is our family bond that creates such a special atmosphere unlike any other for our campers. Tradition Night is a huge part of this. Imagine an entire camp coming together as one each Saturday night of the summer! We celebrate each week that has passed, and the next week to follow. With camper and counselor awards, bunk skits, music and sing-alongs, dance routines, videos of the past week’s highlights, fireworks, and of course, home-made ice cream sundaes, Tradition Night is one of each camper’s most memorable experiences!


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Tioga Manifesto

  • I believe in living 10 months for 2
  • I believe that my camp friends are the best friends
  • I believe that I can be myself at Camp Tioga
  • I believe in going away to meet people and making friends from all over the world
  • I believe in chicken nuggets at lunch and dinner
  • I believe that sunblock is my friend and I will be reminded 400 times a day to apply more and drink plenty of water
  • I believe in standing on the benches in the Dining Hall and singing at the top of my lungs
  • I believe saying goodbye to all mobile devices for the summer will help me develop real relationships
  • I believe in eventually becoming a Division III camper will get me more Smoothies at The Café/Deck
  • I believe my counselors will always be there to keep me safe and help me play and have fun
  • I believe in losing my voice during Color War
  • I believe in late night pizza parties
  • I believe that Mr. and Mrs. Tioga will never get old
  • I believe that a hypnotized counselor is the funniest counselor
  • I believe that Milk Money is the best currency in the world
  • I believe that Gymnastics is as comfortable as any bedroom when having a sleepover
  • I believe in Mule rides to the Upper Field
  • I believe that Tradition Night is indescribably special
  • I believe Camp Tioga will be the summer of my life!
  • I believe I am a Tiogan

Tioga Online

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